Get that muscle moving

Last week my wife and I went to the Rock and roll hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio. This was truly a treat! I loved every single exhibit and so did she. One of our favorites was the exhibit on the Beatles. The Beatles has an amazing catalog with some incredible songs that we both enjoy. I am a pretty big fan of jazz as well, and the wife isn’t as much a jazz fan as I am, so I spent a little more time at those exhibits than she did. The museum was pretty incredible and I would definitely suggest a visit if you get the chance.

Something that I find interesting about music is the broad appeal that music has in our society. Everyone loves to listen to and move to rhythms, melody and tone. Even deaf people have ways in which they experience music. Why does music have such a broad appeal? I like to think that the reason for music broad appeal is that it is good for us.

Did you know that music is exercise for the brain? According to this article, music is a total brain work out. Music really does keep us young happy and healthy and there is so much music out there. While you are smelling the roses go ahead and turn on your favorite tunes today too and get that brain working.

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