All that wander

My wife and I are excited, we are in the midst of planning a road trip. We love to get in the camper and explore. There is a lot to be seen and when we are out exploring it feels like we are doing what humans were meant to do.

About 10,000 years ago is the first time humans started engaging in agriculture and abandoned there nomadic nature. People began to settle and domesticated the ancient wolves. Humans developed more food than they could eat and were able to free up time and other resources to build shelter, cities and modern infrastructure.

On its face farming seems to be a good however when I am traveling with my wife I often wonder if farming has been a good or bad thing for society and the world as a whole. Many ecologists argue that agriculture was truly the beginning of the end for humanity on the earth. Farming consumes about 69% of the earths fresh water, and more than half the planets sustainable land has been used for agriculture (essentially destroyed with chemicals). Agriculture supporters would argue that responsible land use is paramount however I have never seen a responsible use for land that has lasted for more than twenty years. Because of greed and overpopulation crop yields are never enough and responsible agriculture is abandoned for more. There is still come confusion surrounding life expectancy prior to and after agriculture as well, not really certain agriculture has helped lengthen or make humans lives better. The one big bright thing that has come from agriculture is the ancient wolf becoming the domesticated dog.

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While I lament the loss of the nomad lifestyle I enjoy and try to learn as much as I can from my dog.

Dogs are mans best friend and they know how to live.

Dogs live in the moment – So should we

Dogs play everyday no matter what – So should we

Dogs love unconditionally – So should we

Dogs are always loyal – We should be also

Dogs enjoy life – So should we

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