Yes they do

I am still kind of reeling after the shooting in Uvalde Texas. The violence will never make sense. The shooting happened on Tuesday it is now Thursday and I am still just in shock. The monster shot and killed all the kids in the classroom.

Close to where I live there is a manufacturer that builds and sells assault rifles, lots of them. Someone on Facebook posted a picture of the factory that she drives by and made a comment about the factory putting the Don’t Tread on Me flag at half mast to remember the children that were shot to death using a rifle that they more than likely built. The picture had a not so flattering comment about the company that manufactures the death devices. Someone commented that it wasn’t the guns fault it was the evil peoples fault. That comment sounded a lot like the “guns don’t kill people, people do” statement I heard over and over again. I am not a big fan of this logic.

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I guess if guns don’t kill people people do then guns are not dangerous and everyone should have on and there would be few accidental deaths. There are a lot of accidental deaths when it comes to guns. There are 430 accidental deaths from guns per year in the United States. That’s insane! Its hard to get a number on who owns how many guns in the United States however I think more people use and own toasters than guns. I would go as far to say that almost everyone at over the age of 17 has used and uses a toaster regularly. The toaster is the most dangerous appliance in your house. The toaster has set house a fire and electrocuted people. Toaster accidents account for in the United States an average of 300 people per year. Wait why is that less than guns? Well guns are made to kill people and toasters are not. When a gun kills someone it is working. When a toaster kills someone it is an accident. Guns and toasters kill people. People may or may not be the cause that the gun or toaster killed someone, a toaster could short out cause a fire and kill someone and a loaded gun could fall and someone could get shot but let’s be clear guns and toasters can, have and do kill people.

When a gun doesn’t kill someone it is not being used properly. I don’t think our nation will ever be safe if we cannot agree on fundamental truths. It is a truth that guns do kill people.

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