Do you have one?

Vision boards… I do not have one, however I am going to build one. Before you scoff and smirk let me tell you why. By the way I was told that a smirk is a smile directed at someone you dislike and I get it I am very unlikeable and Vision boards get and have gotten bad raps.

The biggest reason for the bad wrap of vision boards might be the motivation behind building them. A vision board is a collage of images that represent goals and dreams. Some people believe in the law of attraction and (go ahead and smirk now, I am totally fine with that) that believe is the motivation for their vision boards. I am skeptical as is most of the scientific community concerning the effectiveness or legality at all with the law of attraction. There is very little proof concerning the “Law of Attraction” it is a philosophy and belief not a proved science.

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I am building the vision board so that I can visualize my goals and dreams . Visualization is essentially a proved science. There is neuroscience demonstrating the effectiveness and process of visualization. Visualization takes words and transforms them into a visible form, for example one of my life goals is to start a podcast, I drew a picture on my vision board of a microphone. Visualization works because seeing the image triggers brain activity. Seeing a goal in an image makes it more real and helps focus our minds. With a mind focused on a goal we can create and execute steps. Measure our progress with lead goals, and finally achieve our dreams.

You may have already set out goals for your life and are having trouble meeting them, don’t be discouraged create a vision board visualize the goals. You may have already achieved some of your life goals and have moved onto others, please comment and share your success I want to celebrate and hope you will inspire others

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