Why was it done that way?

There is a video making the rounds on the internet (what video doesn’t?), the video is from the NBA all star game and it is an introduction for two of the celebrities’ in attendance at courtside (I want seats like that). In the video Machine Gun Kelly is introduced and then the announcer says “and his wife Megan Fox”. First of they are not married and second why does she need a qualifier and he does not? I wanted to embed this video but I thing because it is a Tik Tok video you will have to follow the link (posted below this paragraph).


Marriage is a wonderful institution and should be a partnership but far to often it is not. Society has evolved and grown and unfortunately it seems that marriage is still catching up. The first recorded marriage was 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia and seems like it was a way of preserving the power for a ruling family. The marriage would result in children and the power of the empire would stay within the family. Here is a pretty good article outlining the history of marriage. Marriage has evolved and changed over time, however when I and my wife were married the minister asked her to love and obey me her husband. Just typing that line right there leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This vow has left a bad taste in others mouths as well and many churches are avoiding the vow altogether. Me and Shanna try everyday to be equal partners and I don’t think either of us intends on commanding or obeying the other.

Photo by Megapixelstock on Pexels.com

Women and men truly are equal and neither women or men need qualifiers. Words are important and it is going to be really hard to change society if we continue to use unevolved and wrong words.

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